Happy Cactus Print




Limited Edition

Hahnemühle German Etching paper, 310gsm, made from 100% a-Cellulose (wood pulp)
Acid-free, fully archival and specially coated.
12-inch x 12-inch square print.

Care Instructions
Flattening your print ~ tips:
• Place the print on a flat clean surface
• Keep the sheet on the print to protect it
• Place smooth heavy objects on the ends of the print and leave for a few hours
Important: never roll the print in the opposite direction, This will damage the paper and pigment.
– Your print is created with love and care on the best materials available, they’re precious and with the correct care will last a lifetime.
– Your print will arrive in a sleeve to protect it from dust, moisture and other nasties, keep it protected in this until you frame it to avoid damage.
– Keep handling to the minimum and if you must handle use the edges of the print/margin. Fingerprints may mark the print.
– A crease in the print may be permanent so handle with care.
– Don’t hang your print anywhere super sunny and humid.


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