A little about me…

Bree Robinson is from Sydney’s Northern Beaches (Guringai land). She is a multifaceted creative with training and experience in illustration and jewellery design/silversmithing, intending to continue growing and expanding into different artistic practices. Bree’s desire to create things has been there for as long as she can remember, and being able to pour love into little pieces of art for others brings her tremendous joy. 

Bree is a lover of travel and nature. She is inspired by her world and is always planning the next adventure. Her biggest dream is to have a sweet little hobby farm somewhere on the east coast; A tiny cottage with fairies hiding around the garden and lots of space for her bunnies to bounce around.

You can also follow on over at www.madajewellery.com.au


What People are Saying

“Bree is an amazing young talent to work with. I personally have trouble drawing and have spent quite a while looking for an illustrator to help me bring my ideas to life and am fortunate to have found out about her work. Bree has exceeded all my expectations and continues to do so with every project I have for her and I look forward to working with her each time.”

– Sabrina Lee

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